Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pee Pee in the Potty!

Exciting news!
It has been such an exciting week with these babies! Mack has actually started to acknowledge the fact that there is another baby in the house and has been so sweet to her lately. She shared a toy with her without being asked (or forced) and then when the baby was hungry Mack attempted to feed her a bottle! Unfortunately I did not have the camera nearby but hopefully I'll get it next time. And the biggest news is that Mack used the potty!!! I had just finished brushing her teeth when she said "Pee pee! Potty!" Now mind you, she has said these words many times before and it has never resulted in any pee pee in the potty. But this time I put her on the toilet and sure enough! Success! I was so proud of her! She however, didn't seem that excited about what she had done. She acted like it was any old thing. Nothing new. Crazy kid! Anyway, that's it for the Myers household.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Piece Of Home

Things in our neck of the woods have been exciting! We had an extra special visit from a very old family friend (not that she's old, just that I've known her my whole life) and her family. Cindy's husband is part of the Border Patrol and was moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota about 3 months after we moved here. We have been wanting to get together since then; of course with winters, a pregnancy, and then a new baby, it just hadn't worked out until last weekend. It was so much fun to have them here for the day, though! It was like having a little piece of home and familiarity, which is always nice when you feel like you are stuck up in the middle of nowhere. Of course we are getting ready to go down to Texas for a couple weeks and we couldn't be more excited! Our tentative schedule is as follows:
Aug 16 & 17 Driving to Texas
18 Arrive in Belton
19 Kyle
20 Celebrate Carlos' Birthday
21 Elizabeth's Bachelorette Party! (Austin)
22 Celebrate Kayla's Birthday (Pflugerville)
23 Dallas
24-26 Belton
27-28 Kyle
29 Elizabeth's Wedding (Pflugerville)
30 Mack's Birthday Party (Pflugerville)
31 Belton
Sep 1 Ranger Game (Dallas)
2 Leave Texas :-(
We decided that instead of driving back south to visit for another couple days that we would just head north and vacation in South Dakota for a couple days before getting back to Minot on Sep. 7th.
So the biggest news that we have had in our house hold this week is we finally got baby Nuggs on a bottle! Mack was the type of baby who didn't care where food came from, as long as she got some, so bottle-feeding for her was no big deal. Kaitlyn has been putting up a fight for months, but I had decided since she was born that I would start to wean her the month before we left for Texas. We basically had to dig our heels in and only offer her a bottle for an entire day. She refused it all day, so basically didn't eat. By the next morning she was finally hungry enough and eagerly grabbed the bottle, held it herself and chugged down 4 ounces! Since then she has taken (and held) the bottle without any problems!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Passionate Little Girls

So one of the best things about children learning to talk is that they can really start to tell you what they like and don't like. And having a child that only seems interested in learning words that are really worthwhile to her makes the whole process even more special. Mack's obsessions used to be limited to milk (mit), bears, Bun-Bun (Buh Buh), and Blue's Clue's (Doo's Doo's). They have increased dramatically in number and in their importance to her daily life. At least once a day she wakes up asking for "boots" which actually means books, more specifically her "Gah boot!" (God Book) which is her devotional book that she reads every night before bed. She constantly goes to her high chair during the day asking for "go dish" also known as goldfish. She stands in front of the tv begging for "Digo!" (Go Diego, Go!). She bangs on the front door asking for "cowos" (colors=chalk) and "fowers" (flowers) which we keep in a pretty pink sand bucket on the front porch. She of course still loves bears, bunnies, and milk and definitely reminds us on a regular basis if those items are not at her constant disposal.

It has been amazing to hear all of the words that she is learning. Not too many months ago I was truly worried about her speech and was ready to start setting her up for speech therapy when she turned two. Now I know that she really did just want to say the words that are truly important to her. I should have known when her most used word became "Hi!" in order to get attention from anyone and everyone! We are truly blessed to have such a passionate little girl!

Make that two passionate little girls. Kaitlyn is passionate about attention as well. She wants physical contact pretty much every second she is awake. This is probably the biggest difference I have seen in my girls. Mack couldn't have cared less if I held her, carried her, rocked her. Nuggs, on the other hand, doesn't usually last more than 5 minutes sitting alone before she explodes into tears. And as much as I wish I could use two hands for most things these days, I know that in all too short a time, she will be on the move and won't care if Mom is around to hold her. So I will remember to appreciate her desperate need for physical attention now while she is so happy to have it!