Sunday, April 26, 2009

Family of Sickos

Well it's only a matter of time when you have two young children that they catch some kind of bug and pass it on to the rest of the family. And I must say I am grateful that the bug we have caught is more of the cold/sore body type of sick and not the horrible stomach flu that has been going around Minot AFB. But being sick with two young children is in fact terrible. Luckily both the girls have been feeling better, but Brian was sick all day Thursday, didn't go to work and slept the whole day. We just lounged around the house all day Friday to continue his recovery and by Saturday he was feeling good enough to go out into town. And so we did! Little did I know that even though it appeared I had escaped, I spent the last part of Saturday night feeling terrible and stressing myself out about today, Sunday. Brian is on alert, I've had a fever off and on all day, and I've got both girls to take care of. If I wasn't worried about getting another family sick, I would have sent Mack to someone's house to play for the day and just kept Kait here, but who knows what germs Mack has clinging on to her. But thankfully Brian will be home tomorrow (hopefully early) and I will be able to relax a little bit more. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stolen Pants

Well Easter in our neck of the woods was a fun, relaxing day. It started with two Easter baskets. One for each girl however Kaitlyn can barely even move from one spot, so Mack got to open both of them. I was behind her with the camera so I missed her face, but according to Brian she had her mouth wide open with surprise when she saw them. Of course the first thing she grabbed off the table that the baskets were on was her Bun-Bun. After Mack got all the goods out of the baskets we went to church and then back home. Brian ended up grilling a roast and making mashed potatoes and vegetables. It was a delicious dinner! While Brian was grilling I decided to take the girls outside since it was such a beautiful day (in the 50's). Mack walked up and down the sidewalk picking up little "treasures" along the way. She took a big spill on some loose gravel but didn't get any scrapes so that's good. After our fun in the sun we went back inside and I put Kaitlyn down on a blanket on the floor and got all of our jackets and shoes to put them in the closet. By the time I got back from the closet Mack had pulled Kaitlyn's pants off of her and was working on her socks! After she stole the pants she tried to put them on herself. This of course didn't work but it was quite hilarious to see her try. I think from now on I should put Kaitlyn in sleepers when she's around Mack. We don't want anymore stolen pants!

Monday, April 6, 2009


My babies latest accomplishments. I think you will enjoy these!

Kaitlyn (almost 4 months old)...
... sleeps from 10pm-3am, eats, then sleeps again from 3:15-7:30
... takes a long afternoon nap at the same time as Mack (which I LOVE)
... laughs while looking at the fan in our room
... is finally in her own room
... is now wearing size 2 diapers
... is actually wearing the size of clothes she's supposed to be
... has a big bald spot on the back of her head
... "stork bite" has gotten significantly lighter on her forehead 
... has blue eyes with flecks of gold
... coos during diaper changes
... holds her legs tightly together during diaper changes making it near impossible to put it on
... doesn't scream when Brian holds her anymore 
... sometimes gets hit by Mack (and sometimes its on purpose)
... can sit in a bumbo
... can roll over both directions
... is already trying to sit up 

Mackenzie (20 months)...
... can feed herself (but makes a huge mess doing so)
... is obsessed with drinking milk
... LOVES stuffed animals (especially bunnies and bears)
... can growl like a lion, bark like a dog, and baa like a sheep.
... learned how to say baby 
... will repeatedly say "hi" to someone until they say it back
... goes around the house saying "Da Da" when she can't find her daddy
... sleeps a ridiculous amount 
... tries to carry Kaitlyn around the house
... wishes Kasuka would chase her 
... likes to play dress up
... happily plays in her crib when she wakes up 
... "reads" books by herself for long periods of time
... laughs more than any other toddler I know
... didn't cry once yesterday
.... just woke up and I can hear her asking for Da Da... sadly he's on alert and won't be home until tomorrow