Sunday, September 19, 2010

...always waiting for the bottom to fall out...

During church today I had a serious desire to blog about something that has been weighing on my heart a lot over the last couple of years. It is something that I have talked to a few people about, but I don't think I have ever really opened up about the full extent of the situation. I don't even think situation is the right word, I just can't think of anything else to call it. So, basically, I have felt that the last three years of my life have been too good to be true. To the point that I am almost always waiting for the bottom to fall out. And I realize that this doesn't actually seem like a problem and like I'm finding reasons to complain somehow, but that's not what I feel this is. And don't get me wrong, if I look at the actual events of the past three years, it has been anything but perfect, but somehow, everything that has come out of the craziness has been such a huge blessing in my life. When I try to imagine a "better" life for me and my family, I can't. Well, maybe I can imagine some warmer weather, but even that struggle has made me a stronger person and I am grateful for that.
I know this is a lame analogy, but all of you Sex and the City fans will know, in the first movie . Carrie asks Charlotte why she thinks something bad is going to happen and Charlotte says "Because! Nobody gets everything they want! Look at you, look at Miranda. You're good people and you two both got shafted. I'm so happy and... something bad is going to happen." That pretty much sums it for me. So many bad things happen to awesome people, and I just keep wondering how I got so blessed. And of course my go-to answer is because of Jesus Christ, and while that is true and I know that to be true, I find it hard to fully believe. Which then scares me that maybe my faith isn't what I think it is if I can't even accept Christ's blessings without questioning them. And that is where the problem is. I am having a crisis of faith of sorts and I'm not even sure how to move past it and deal with it. I need to know how I can just trust in the Lord that he is taking care of me. And that even if something bad is going to happen, I need to not dwell on it and worry on a constant basis. I need to know that my faith in Christ is secure enough that even when bad things happen, as they inevitably will, I know he will still shower me with blessings because I am his child.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another Little Piece of Craziness!

Well things are certainly changing! And the thing that has been changing the most (or will be in the very near future) is my waistline. And by waistline, I mean uterus! Yup, that's right! Baby #3 will be making his/her appearance at the end of April! We are so excited to be adding another little piece of craziness to our lives. Mack is already preparing for the new little one by oh-so-generously shoving toys down my shirt for the baby to play with! I just love the way three year olds think! Kait of course doesn't really get it yet, but I'm sure that at the point my stomach becomes too big for her to comfortably sit in my lap she will realize something is different. That was about the time Mack finally noticed something. Of course, Mack did her best to ignore the fact that there was another baby in the house til Kait was about 3-4 months old and became somewhat mobile. But Kaitlyn likes babies more than Mack does, so hopefully she will see the new baby as a blessing and not as competition for Mommy and Daddy's attention. Another exciting thing about this pregnancy is that I have not had any morning sickness (yet!)! Let's just hope it stays that way. I had a very easy pregnancy with Mack, and only had mild morning sickness in the first trimester with Kait, so hopefully this will also be an easy pregnancy. When this baby is born, we will have three babies under 4! We must be nuts, but the way I figure it, we got through having two babies 16 months apart, and this time, Kait will almost be 2 1/2, and will be a little more self-sufficient than Mack was when she came along. I think we have such an awesome support system, here in Minot, and back home that we will be just fine.

On another note, it has been awhile since any developmental updates for my two beautiful girls and that hubby of mine, so here we go:
Mack has her first imaginary friend! She knows most of her ABC's (minus the whole l-m-n-0-p part) and can count to 14! She sings constantly, knows a ridiculous amount of dinosaurs. And not just ones like stegosaurus, t-rex, triceratops, etc. We are talking dinos like, protoceratops, oviraptor, compsignathus! Ones I have never even heard of until my little dino-obsessed beauty came along! She is very polite and whenever she says thank you to someone she is very specific about what she is thankful for (which I LOVE about her). She is such a good big sister to Nunnies. Even when Kaitlyn is pulling her hair or stealing her toys, all she does is yell "KAITLYN MYERS! YOU STOP THAT!" One day I was curious to see if she knew what her name was, since she obviously knew Kait's. Her response was "Mackie" and I said "Mackie what?" and she said "Mackie Doodle!" Haha! Love her.

Kaitlyn, who will be 2 in December (I know, I can hardly believe it either!) is definitely gaining new words on a weekly, if not daily, basis. She has such a better grasp on language than Mack did at that age. Just goes to show that they really do things in their own time. She is constantly pulling down her pants and yelling PEE PEE while she runs to the potty. Now this would be way more exciting if any of these episodes actually resulted in pee pee in the potty, but unfortunately, it has only happened once. But again, the fact that she semi-understands the process and is so excited about it are all good signs! She is getting way more interested in books than ever before. Every month she seems to have a little more patience to sit with me to read. Plus it gives her an excuse to cuddle with Momma and since that is one of her favorite past times, it works out well for both of us.

Brian, who is also just growing up so fast ;) has been working harder than ever which sadly means way less time at home. He now has an office job on top of his alert schedule, so he is a busy busy bee. I have pretty much grown accustomed to planning the girls and my activities without him and if he happens to be home, we make adjustments, but usually that doesn't have to happen. I think that he is perfect for his new job though. It's all about paperwork and organization, and if anyone knows my husband, they know he is a clean freak and has to have his space organized. I, on the other hand, have no such sense of order in my life, and thus we are balanced. He has made me a little more conscientious of my messes, and I have relaxed him a bit in the clean department. He has also been hitting the gym at least 4 times a week and it has definitely been paying off! I wish I could lose weight like that...Of course that would mean having to go to the gym 4 times a week and I'm lucky if I make it two times a week to Zumba! (Which is one of my favorite new things and highly suggest everyone try it!)

Oh and last but not least, we bought a van last week! A 2007 Honda Odyssey. It is so convenient and drives really well! Plus has a dvd player in the back for the girls which will surely come in handy with all the cross-country trips we do! If only we had had it this summer! Oh well, we are excited and the girls both love it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Must Be Fall

So it really must be fall already and my Little Nuggs sure knows how to make sure I am aware of this change. Complete with fever, no appetite, slight wheezing and major congestion. Oh how I love this time of year. NOT! And we have such a busy week ahead of us that I am keeping us home for the day to help her recoup so that we can go ahead with our week without any illnesses interrupting us.