Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lifted Spirits

Well, the weather has actually started to heat up. We have been able to play outside on our new-used swing set (Thank you Missy Ewing!) and take a lot of walks. It has really lifted all of our spirits after such a cold, snowy, miserable winter. Mack loves being outside so much that she stands in front of the door, banging on it for me to take her out. Of course she doesn't always get to go out because even though it is "warmer" it is still pretty cold in the mornings. The coldest of which was on my birthday! We woke up to snow! I couldn't believe it. Snow in May. Totally absurd. Despite the snow, I had a wonderful birthday. Brian and the girls made sure that it was a special day for me, and it really was. I feel so blessed to have the family that I have. Of course Mother's Day was the day after my birthday but unfortunately Brian went out on alert that day, so Mother's day was just another day of watching the girls, doing a LOT of laundry, and dishes. That's ok though. The day before more than made up for a lack of celebration. 
We are all very excited about this weekend! On Saturday we will go to the zoo for the first time this season and we will be getting season passes! I think Mack is going to have a blast! And although Kait won't really know what's going on, I'm sure she'll have fun too. Then on Sunday Brian and I will drop the girls off at a family friend's house and drive to Bismarck for the day. Brian has never gone and I've only been once so it will definitely be a good trip. We will be celebrating our first anniversary, so we are going to treat ourselves to dinner and a movie and anything else we want to do while we are there! So needless to say we have had a busy month so far, but it has been great! I just love the month of May! 
The girls have been doing very well. Mack has finally started to pick up new words. Everyday it seems like she is trying to say something new! Her funniest one is "Whoa babies"! It cracks me up every time! Especially because she says babies and not just baby. Silly girl! And Nuggies is just about to be on the move. She can roll over. She doesn't do it often, but I can tell she is about ready to be a rolling machine. She adores Mack and usually stops crying when Mack gives her attention. It is so sweet to watch them together! I love it. I think I have rambled enough for this session. I'm sure I'll have more to say after our fun-filled weekend!