Friday, May 25, 2012

Nunnie School

So I have started "Nunnie School" with my Kaitlyn. She is needing something more structured during the day while Mack is away at school and Brian has been wanting me to give her some more guided instruction, so this has been the result. So far it has gone well, but the main thing I have to remember about my youngest girl is that she DOES NOT function well right after waking up or without a full tummy. So by keeping that in mind I think we have been able to get some good "lessons" in each day. It hasn't happened at the same time everyday because things come up, but I like flexibility in my day so it works for us. I have been basing our lessons off of the Brightly Beaming preparatory curriculum over at I have also added some extras and tweaked it a little to fit Kaitlyn. I have also supplemented with a workbook to reinforce letters, shapes, colors, numbers and encourage her use of a pencil. I plan on adding a cutting exercise each week also so that she can work on that coordination.

This is something that I probably should have done with Mack too, but to be honest, she LOVES to learn so much that I never felt like she needed as much direct teach in order to learn her basics. She sought to learn those things on her own so I didn't force too much on her. Kaitlyn is a bit more reluctant. She is smart but does not go out of her way to learn new things and has mostly picked things up along the way. I  am hoping that by doing "Nunnie School" she will gain a love a learning and start to seek out more information on her own. Here are a few pictures from our first week!

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